Making Your Business Ours

Making your business ours
Without knowledge of customers needs, any expert consultant or provider is only half an expert. Before we put tsgnVSAT to work for you, we gain a thorough understanding of yours needs – right from the start.
Right From the Start
Getting it right from the start is crucial to our success and that of our customers. Take for example, the setting up of the pole that holds up our satellite equipment, something as basic as this determines the fundamentals’ of all that we do. For a successful deployment, the pole we are setting up has to be ‘fixed’ directly perpendicular [90 degrees] to the ‘true’ horizon of the earth, otherwise a perfect link to satellite signals can never be achieved. This is just one of the many meticulous things that we do to ensure perfection for all our customers.The experience of our people and their adherence to our strict implementation methodology provide further assurance of success. When you explore the need for VSAT, there is no better place to begin with than tsgn.