Power Methodology

tsgn POWER Methodology
POWER was specifically developed to understand our customers, enabling us to deliver information via satellite. We formulate strategies to launch solutions that are customised, no matter what the scale–big or small.
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tsgn will continue to demonstratean undeniable difference in all aspect of our commitments. Our difference is anchored in our people, service, culture and knowledge.
Having the vision that provides competitive edge, reduced inventories, on-time schedule, improved service or whatever is important to your business is paramount. Transforming the need into reality through the implementation of tsgnVSAT connectivity is the perfect solution. We provide a flexible systematic VSAT implementation methodology designed to ensure that budgets and schedules are met, and that knowledge transfer takes place. Our tsgnPOWER Methodology has been specifically developed to implement VSAT products and services.

Support Sustainability by:

  • reducing capital investment & operating cost.
  • accommodating scalability & flexibility.
  • future proofing against technological evolution.
  • providing international standards of operation & security.
  • guarding against interruption caused by catastrophe.
  • increasing company’s long term viabilities & making them truly sustainable with our satellite communications, data centres & cloud services solution.
Communicate More Effectively by means of video, data and voice over IP, we offer collocation in our data centre as well as connectivity to major Internet backbone providers. And, a full range of SCPC, DVB and hub solutions via C-Band and Ku- Band to customers based on project specifications, satellite footprints and QOS requirements
Improving Responsiveness by accepting market change with quick response for instantaneous success and growth. Moving our customers forward with tsgn Network Operation Centre to be responsive & relevant to stay ahead, anywhere and anytime.
Focus on Customers by investing in time and manpower through Contact Centre which handles Multichannel Communications via phone calls, web calls [Chat, VoIP], E-mail & SMS to serve you by responding to changing demands, dealing with queries, providing support & attending to your expectation 24/7/365.
Increasing Efficiency by boosting productivity and effectiveness without increasing cost. Our network and communication channels are tuned for bandwidth efficiency to encompass different requirements inclusive of devices, network and applications for all type of communication needs.