StarNet Classic

StarNet Classic for Hub-Based Network

StarNet Classic has a fully customisable platform for both private VPN and Internet network. A hub-based network designed for modern IP data, multimedia and voice applications which is backed by enterprise-grade IP features such as Quality of Service [QoS], Bandwidth-on-Demand [BoD], Application-Triggered CIR [Apps CIR], 802.1q VLAN tagging.

It features a highly reliable & robust TDM outlink from a central hub reaching out to almost any number of geographically dispersed sites. Moreover, it’s fully integrated with both high-speed intranet/internet access and multicast capabilities. Therefore enabling interactive, transaction- oriented applications that includes point-of-sale, inventory control, online stock trading and distance training.

StarNet classic utilises the hub-based or STAR network topology that is geared for point-to-multipoint communication for enterprise with single data centre that requires connectivity to its branches in geographically dispersed locations. STAR topology supports outlink transmission bandwidth of over 70Mbps and its hub can maintain an efficient control of the network through centralised network and bandwidth management. One that is well suited for business traffic from the hub of a company’s headquarters and individual VSATs located at field.