What is SATCOM

We set out on a race to connect people and industries — effectivelyWe've been
what's possible
That was over a decade
ago and we have covered
a lot of ground since...
"We will take care
of business so that
you can concentrate
on yours."

As a leader in the Satellite Communications [SATCOM] business, we have the resources and presence on a regional scale to – provide total solutions and complete project integration services, encompassing data and voice communications, business applications and internet.

Apart from supplying satellite telecommunications ground system equipment; we offer full suite of satellite communication solutions in the form of technical design, implementations, operations and management. We also focus on the provision of VSAT satellite infrastructure and services, microwave and wireless communication engineering for multimedia applications.

Whether it is meeting the demands of some of the largest companies in a country or connecting geographically most remote areas, the tsgn name is tested, proven and dependable.
We will take care of business so that you can concentrate on yours.

By using the wealth of our collective knowledge allied to the power of our service-line experience, we are able to offer full life-cycle solutions – consistently and swiftly by establishing centres of excellence and tailored solutions that fit our customers’ needs. All service line operations are fully flexible, trustworthy and able to work independently or grouped together to deliver best practical communication services over very wide areas such as a country, region, or entire hemisphere.