What is VSAT

tsgn provides comprehensive enterprise-grade VSAT products to government entities, enterprises and SMEs. VSAT is highly reliable with flexible support for IP and multimedia communication 24/7/365. The installation and deployment of VSAT is extremely fast and adaptable compared to terrestrial technologies. its network, allows rapid, low-cost network reconfiguration and expansion to meet even the most unexpected customer requirements.Furthermore, by using Advanced Frequency Division Multiple Access [FDMA]. Time Division Multiplexing [TDM]
& Multi-Frequency Time Division Multiple Accesses [MF-TDMA] all transmission techniques cost effective transmission and network operation are constantly made possible tsgnVSAT has a wide range of supported enterprise network protocol and features providing extraordinary flexibility and limitless expansion capabilities, In addition,our VSAT network is typically engineered to achieve a minimum of 99.7% service availability for all locations.